Use of the EDGE Certification Seal

Edge seals
  • All EDGE seals, labels, certification marks, trademarks, and the names EDGE Certification, EDGE Assess, EDGE Move, EDGE Lead, and EDGEplus are trademarks and are owned, governed and/or licensed by the EDGE Certified Foundation.
  • Any party wishing to use or display any of these trademarks on any materials such as documents, websites, marketing materials, among other things, that may be seen in business-to-business setting or in business to public/consumer settings, must be granted permission to do so from EDGE Certified Foundation once the organization is certified.
  • Once certified, the relevant approved Certification Body shall provide the organization the relevant EDGE Certification Seal. The requirements and rules, and any related fees, for their use or display are specified in the “EDGE Certification Seal User Protocols” for the relevant certification level and shall be provided to the organization at the same time as the relevant EDGE Certification Seal.
  • Organizations that are not yet certified but are undergoing the pre-certification process are expressly excluded from using or displaying any version of the EDGE Certification Seal.
  • After approval from EDGE Certified Foundation on the form and format of materials, Certification Bodies may use EDGE Certification seals to advertise and market information about their approved accreditation status to provide EDGE Certification services to potential organizations. The requirements, rules and any associated fees are specified by and available from EDGE Certified Foundation.
  • Non-organization, non-Certification Body use of EDGE Certification Seals or labels is strictly limited to illustrating educational, editorial or research pieces. The requirements, rules and any associated fees are specified and administered by, and available from, EDGE Certified Foundation in the “EDGE Certification Seal – Non-Certified User Protocols”. Approval for non-certified use remains the sole responsibility of the EDGE Certified Foundation.
  • If there is doubt about whether a license to use EDGE seals or labels is required, seek advice from EDGE Certified Foundation.
  • The Certification Body shall verify that an organization has not used the EDGE Certification Seal or labels outside the terms of the relevant User Protocols established by EDGE Certified Foundation. If a suspected non-conformity with the terms of the relevant User Protocols is found, the Certification Body shall report, in writing, the non-conformity to the organization and EDGE Certified Foundation immediately.