Getting EDGE Certified

Measuring where your organization is on its DE&I journey using EDGE Empower® is the first step to becoming EDGE Certified. Once the assessment is verified by one of our third-party auditors, and your level of EDGE Certification is confirmed, your organization will have the EDGE Certified Seal to show your commitment to DE&I. 

Edge seals


Use EDGE Empower® to measure where you stand on your DE&I journey, benchmark your progress against the EDGE Global Standards and against your peers, define your action plan for moving forward, and manage implementation of DE&I change throughout your organization. 

Get Verified

Have your outputs and actions from phase 1 independently verified by an EDGE-approved third-party auditor and attain one of the three levels of EDGE Certification – Assess, Move, or Lead.


Use your EDGE Certified Seal to display and visibly demonstrate your DE&I achievements and to communicate your commitment to relevant internal and external stakeholders.