The Journey To Measure Impact

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Our Mission

Our mission is to use the EDGE Global Certification system to engage organizations across the world in fostering equal career opportunities for women and men across their different gender identities, race/ethnicities, sexual orientations, nationalities, age groups and working with a disability status.

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Our Impact

Leading global organizations have been certifying against the EDGE Global Standards since 2013 and the global footprint of EDGE and EDGEplus Certified organizations is growing annually. EDGE Certified Foundation has begun to crystallize the potential impacts that organizations working on and achieving workplace gender and intersectional equity can have both within and beyond the workplace, and how this may be measured and evaluated.

Impact Areas

The initial outcomes of our research and analysis focus on five high-level impact areas, namely:

Better Performance

Better Labour
Market Conditions

Better Corporate Citizenship

Better Lives

Gender Roles

Indicators Detecting Change

EDGE is continuing to define and measure outcome indicators that we believe will be central to further exploring the journey to measure impact of EDGE Certification, clustered into the five high-level impact areas mentioned above. Many of the indicators are tracked and assessed for EDGE and EDGEplus certification purposes.

Impact Influenced By Level Of Certification

The existence and extent of benefits and impact from EDGE and EDGEplus Certification, both within and beyond an organization, depend on the level of certification achieved and an organization’s verified performance against each of the assessed elements and scored indicators. See here for an overview of the different levels of EDGE Certification.