What is EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification is an effective instrument for sustainable progress based on objective, measurable evidence of an organization’s current status and progress; with clear standards of performance that create transparency and accountability for change in relation to workplace gender and intersectional equity.

EDGE Certification brings internal and external credibility to an organization’s DE&I progress through independently verified certification conducted by a third-party auditor.

Edge seals

The EDGE Certification Scheme embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement. Once certified at the EDGE Assess and EDGE Move levels, organizations are expected to create a culture of sustained and incremental improvement, designed to reduce and/or eliminate inequalities in the workplace. As such, at all but the top level of certification (EDGE Lead), action plans are a feature of certification, and for all levels there are standards that must be met in order to be recertified after two years. Once certified at the EDGE Lead level, organizations are expected to maintain a culture of gender equality in the workplace.

Furthermore, certified organizations may choose to deepen the scope of their DE&I analysis as part of their recertification process. Organizations who are initially certified at any of the three levels for EDGE (gender-binary) Certification, can opt for the EDGEplus add-on as part of their recertification. Once EDGEplus certified, organizations are expected to continue showing commitment to gender and intersectional equity, by continuing their EDGEplus analysis and maintaining their EDGEplus Certification in future recertification cycles.