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Stephenie Foster is a Strategic and Innovative Global Advisor in Women’s Leadership and Empowerment. She has a Wealth of Experience on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, in the Non-Profit Sector, and in Law.

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EDGE Certified Foundation
Poster announcing the EDGEtalks of 2022 webinar with Stephenie Foster

Webinar: How can you ‘Take Action’ to fight for women and girls?

In the third of this year’s series of EDGEtalks, Stephenie was talking to David Pritchett, Managing Director of the EDGE Certified Foundation, sharing some insights from her latest book: ‘Take Action: Fighting for women and girls’.

In an informative discussion, Stephenie covered not only the steps individuals and companies can take to drive change and dismantle the gender pay gap, but also the importance of measurement. As she said, “What gets measured gets done.

She also considered topics related to advocating for women and girls, the importance of getting more women in boardrooms, and the obstacles women face when climbing the corporate ladder.

We have captured the best moments of the event which you can now watch on demand and share with colleagues.