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UniCredit Group attains global EDGE Assess Certification

UniCredit Group is globally certified at the EDGE Assess level, which recognizes its commitment towards workplace gender equity.

UniCredit group has reached a noteworthy achievement by becoming the first pan-European bank to attain Global EDGE Certification. This milestone follows the recent successful attainment of EDGE Assess Certification by UniCredit Banks in Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia. These certifications complement the existing ones held by UniCredit Banks in Italy, Germany, and Austria, rendering UniCredit eligible for Global EDGE Assess Certification.

“UniCredit’s achievement in securing global EDGE Certification is a business game-changer. Starting with five of its business entities in 2022 and now expanding to include six more to cover more than 80% of its total workforce, UniCredit demonstrates a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a driver of sustainable success. Their global certification speaks volumes about their trust in EDGE as a voluntary standard and independent certification. It is also a strategic move to leverage a diverse talent pool, setting new benchmarks for an inclusive and equitable workplace for all. By becoming globally EDGE Certified, UniCredit is not just creating a heartwarming narrative; they are pioneering the future of business – diverse, equitable, inclusive, and exceptionally innovative. Congratulations!” said Aniela Unguresan, Founder and Member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board.

Read UniCredit’s full press release here.

Congratulations to UniCredit Group on this remarkable achievement! We applaud its commitment to advancing gender equity and inclusion in the workplace.