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Wake Up, Be Woke And Lead The Change: Overcoming DE&I Opposition

“I believe the U.S. is in the midst of its most significant culture war in recent history. Deep divisions and intense clashes of ideology, values and beliefs characterize this ongoing conflict. It encompasses various business, social, political and cultural issues and has far-reaching implications for the nation’s identity and future direction.”

In a recent article for Forbes, Aniela Unguresan delves into the heart of the U.S.’s current culture war, observing how clashes of ideology and values are permeating the business realm. She emphasizes the pivotal role of DE&I amidst this divisive landscape. Despite widespread recognition of the benefits of DE&I, opposition persists due to fear of change, lack of understanding, bias, fear of losing privilege, and a lack of clear metrics. To counter this, Aniela Unguresan advocates for sticking to objective facts, education and awareness, empathetic listening, transparent communication, and establishing measurable goals and metrics. Through these strategies, she argues, business leaders can navigate the challenges of the culture war and drive positive organizational change, ensuring a more inclusive and equitable future.

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