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MSI Achieves EDGE Assess Certification

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EDGE Certified Foundation

EDGE and MSI are proud to announce that the company has been awarded EDGE Assess certification.

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“In achieving EDGE Assess, MSI was found to have a good gender representation, with the share of men and women above 30% at all levels. Additionally, the results of the pay equity analysis demonstrate that there is no high-level risk associated with gender pay equity,” explains Aniela Unguresan, Founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation. “It’s also great to note that MSI were close to meeting the requirements for the second level of certification, EDGE Move. This is a testament to their commitment in assessing gender equity.”

As part of their EDGE Assess certification, MSI committed to an action plan that documents how they will accelerate progress in achieving gender balance across the talent pipeline, gender pay equity, and creating effective policies and practices that ensure equitable career flows and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

“This EDGE certification strongly aligns with our DNA and work that we have been doing around diversity and inclusion for many years.  It affirms our commitment to creating a workplace environment that lives up to our vision as a fair and equitable place for men and women to work,” said Keith Brown, MSI President.

“As a monitoring and evaluation firm, we truly valued the third-party benchmarking process, which brings a critical lens to our policies and practices and further underscores our commitment to transparency and accountability.”