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Moncler S.p.A. (Industries S.p.A.) attains EDGE Assess Certification

Moncler S.p.A. (Industries S.p.A.) is certified at the EDGE Assess level, which recognizes its commitment towards workplace gender equity.

Achieving EDGE Assess Certification indicates that Moncler S.p.A. (Industries S.p.A.) is taking a proactive approach towards creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. This certification acknowledges its dedication to analyzing statistical data, evaluating its policies and practices, and obtaining feedback from employees to ensure continuous improvement. Moncler S.p.A. (Industries S.p.A.) sets a compelling example for the Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods industry by demonstrating its commitment to gender equity in the workplace.

We congratulate Moncler S.p.A. (Industries S.p.A.) for its gender equity efforts and encourage its continued dedication to cultivating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.