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L’Oréal USA attains EDGE Move Recertification and EDGEplus

L’Oréal USA is recertified at the EDGE Move level. EDGE Move Recertification is a recognition of L’Oréal USA’s continued progress towards realizing gender equity in the workplace and underlines its continued commitment to building a more inclusive working environment.

In addition to achieving EDGE Move Recertification, L’Oréal USA also attained EDGEplus Recertification. Continuing its commitment to assessing the intersectionality between gender and other aspects of diversity, L’Oréal USA has deepened its EDGEplus analysis by adding an additional dimension of diversity to its assessment. L’Oréal USA monitors employee experience from an intersectional perspective of gender, gender identity, LGBTQ+, race/ethnicity, age, working with a disability, and nationality. In addition, the organization monitors its policies and practices and statistics from an intersectional perspective of gender and race/ethnicity. By achieving EDGEplus Recertification, L’Oréal USA has further solidified its commitment to assessing intersectional equity.

We congratulate L’Oréal USA for its EDGE Move and EDGEplus Certifications, and for its sustained dedication to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.