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EDGE Methodology on Sexual Harassment Updated with Time’s Up Foundation

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The partnership between Time’s Up Foundation and EDGE has led to an updating of the methodology EDGE Certification uses on sexual harassment.

When EDGE Certification first piloted its methodology with multinationals back in 2011 the conversations around gender and intersectional equity were very different than they are today. So too were the conversations about and policies and procedures for workplace sexual harassment.

Time’s Up advocates for a world where everyone is safe and respected at work. A world where women have an equal shot at success and security. A world where no one lives in fear of sexual harassment or assault. The partnership between Time’s Up and EDGE strengthens the commitment of both organizations towards workplace transformation and equity.

As Tina Tchen, President and CEO of Time’s Up, explains: “EDGE Certification is the only standardized methodology and global certification system that can be applied across industries and regions for assessing and tracking progress in gender and intersectional equity. Working with EDGE to update the methodology on sexual harassment is a significant step toward a safer and more respectful workplace for all.”

Given the scope of EDGE, the impact of these changes will be benefiting 200 large organizations in 44 countries across five continents, representing 29 different industries and employing globally more than 2.4 million employees.

“Working with Time’s Up to amend the sections on sexual harassment in our policies and practices questionnaire and the employee survey ensures they remain relevant and impactful,” says Aniela Unguresan, Founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation. “As workplaces change, so too must the ways we measure and certify them. EDGE’s partnership with Time’s Up, as well as pandemic-driven changes such as independent third-party auditors switching to remote audits, are just two of the ways EDGE continues to evolve alongside our customer base.”

Tina is a member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Global Advisory Council.