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Danper Trujillo SAC attains EDGE Move Recertification

Danper Trujillo SAC is recertified at the EDGE Move level. EDGE Move Certification is the second of three EDGE Certification levels and showcases progress in workplace gender equity. 

Since Danper Trujillo SAC’s initial EDGE Assess Certification in 2015, it has remained dedicated to advancing workplace gender equity. The recent EDGE Move Recertification stands as a testament to Danper Trujillo SAC’s ongoing commitment to fostering gender equality in the workplace. This certification reflects the significant strides the organization has made in cultivating a supportive, empowering, and equitable environment for all employees. By undergoing thorough, independent third-party verification of its gender equity statistical data, policies and practices, and employee feedback, Danper Trujillo SAC emphasizes that gender equity is fundamental to its success as an organization.

We congratulate Danper Trujillo SAC for its gender equity work!