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Bayer Italy attains EDGE Move Certification

Bayer Italy is certified at the EDGE Move level. EDGE Move Certification is the second of three EDGE Certification levels and showcases progress in workplace gender equity. Bayer is the first company in Italy operating in the life science sector to have achieved EDGE Move Certification.

“It is a significant achievement for Bayer Italy to have their first EDGE Certification at the EDGE Move level. It recognizes the progress the company has made to date towards gender equity as well as their commitment to continue accelerating its progress,” says Aniela Unguresan, Founder and Member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board.

Monica Poggio, CEO of Bayer SpA , shared her thoughts on Bayer Italy’s remarkable achievement in a recent press release, here.

We congratulate Bayer Italy for its gender equity work and encourage its continued progress.