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AXA Investment Managers Obtains Global EDGE Move Certification

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EDGE Certified Foundation

The Organization Has Obtained Its Second Certification By Progressing To EDGE Move Level

[30.06.2022] AXA Investment Managers – the global expert in responsible asset management – has made significant progress towards a gender-equitable workplace, and has now obtained global EDGE Move certification.

EDGE Move certification is the second of three EDGE certification levels and showcases progress in workplace gender equity. This recertification follows AXA Investment Managers’ initial certifications at the EDGE Assess level in 2018 and 2020.

EDGE is the leading global assessment and business certification for gender and intersectional equity. The certification process involves a rigorous third-party review of representation across the pipeline, pay equity, effectiveness of policies and practices, and inclusiveness of an organization’s culture. As an integral part of the assessment, statistical data is analysed, policies and practices are reviewed, and employees receive a comprehensive survey to assess perceptions of career development opportunities in the workplace.

EDGE’s assessment has highlighted a certain number of common denominators but also important local specificities across the different countries of operation of the organization. AXA Investment Managers France meets the EDGE Standard in all areas of analysis, regarding the framework of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows i.e. equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment, and promotion, leadership development training and mentoring, flexible working and organizational culture. AXA Investment Managers UK and Germany meet four out of five areas and AXA Investment Managers USA meets two out of five areas which are equal pay for equivalent work and recruitment and promotion.

As part of their EDGE action plan AXA Investment Managers France, UK, USA, and Germany aim to have the top leadership team actively promote flexible working and act as role models. The organizations in all four countries of operation will systematically encourage men to make use of paternity leaves that are available to them, whilst it will also continue or start to offer childcare support such as facilities or subsidies.

AXA Investment Managers aims also to continue to proactively manage pay equity across its countries of operation.

“Moving one level up with the EDGE certification recognizes our continued progress and helps us measure where AXA IM stands and what can be improved to ensure equitable career flows and an inclusive culture,” says Clement Frédéric, Global Head of Human Resources of Axa Investment Managers.

“Being EDGE certified is a signal to our industry peers and talent as well as to our employees that we are genuinely acting on our convictions and making progress towards inclusion and diversity” added Marco Morelli, Executive Chairman of Axa Investment Managers.

Aniela Unguresan, Founder of EDGE Certified Foundation, is encouraged to see such a significant employer and leading ESG investor making significant progress: “It is incredibly encouraging that AXA Investment Managers have made significant progress towards a gender-equitable workplace since the previous assessment and is now eligible for the second level of certification, EDGE Move. Reaching gender equity is a journey and as a leading ESG investor AXA Investment Managers is showing it can walk the ESG talk both as an employer and as an investor.”