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Ardian Advances Gender Equity Within Private Equity With EDGE Move Certification

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EDGE Certified Foundation

Ardian Obtains Its First Global EDGE Move Certification After Making Significant Progress Towards A Gender Equitable Workplace Since April 2020

Ardian, a leading global private investment company, has obtained its first global EDGE Move certification, the second of three EDGE certifications levels, showcasing significant progress toward a gender-equitable workplace. The global EDGE Certification involved its offices in France, UK, USA and Italy, which concentrate 80% of Ardian’s global workforce, going individually through the certification process.

EDGE is the leading global assessment and business certification for gender and intersectional equity. The certification process involves a rigorous third-party review of representation across the pipeline, pay equity, effectiveness of policies and practices, and inclusiveness of an organization’s culture. As an integral part of the assessment, statistical data is analysed, policies and practices are reviewed, and employees receive a comprehensive survey to assess perceptions of career development opportunities in the workplace.

 In order to qualify for a global certification, the countries which concentrate 80% of an organization’s global workforce are required to go through the process and become individually certified. The Global EDGE Certification level reflects the lowest common denominator of the country-level certifications. In the case of Ardian, each of the four countries were individually EDGE Move certified, hence the global EDGE Move certification.

Ardian France, UK, USA and Italy progressed in all areas following from the previous assessment when exploring the framework of policies and practices which ensure equitable career flows. Ardian UK, USA and Italy meet the EDGE Standard in three out of five areas – equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment and promotion, and leadership development training and mentoring, while Ardian France meets the EDGE Standard in four out of five areas – equal pay for equivalent work, recruitment and promotion, leadership development training and mentoring and flexible working.

All four offices have formal mentoring programs for men and women which measure their effectiveness in the rates of promotions of men and women mentees. What’s more, gender equity continues to be part of the organization’s strategic goals and most employees – both men and women – perceive gender equity to be important for the organization to remain competitive in the market.

Through the assessment, it has been highlighted that the organization may deepen its efforts to systematically encourage men to make more use of paternity leave that is available to them. Furthermore, it has been recommended to Ardian to continue improving the transparency of their promotion process and promotion criteria.

Aniela Unguresan, Founder of EDGE Certified Foundation, reflects on the significance of Ardian’s global certification: “Ardian achieved substantial progress towards a gender-equitable workplace since the previous assessment and it is now eligible for the second level of certification EDGE Move, attributable to its strong commitment to DE&I as a driver of sustainable business success and a diligent implementation of the EDGE action plan.”