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Allianz’ entities globally EDGE Certified

Seven Allianz Group business lines have attained EDGE Certification or Recertification showcasing a strong and continued commitment to workplace gender equity.

  • Allianz Corporate & Specialty SE Group and Allianz Technology SE Group each attained global recertification at the EDGE Move level.
  • Allianz Investment Management SE Group attained global EDGE Move Certification
  • Allianz Partners Group, Allianz Services Group, Allianz Euler Hermes SA Group, and Allianz Insurance Business Segment Group are each globally recertified at the EDGE Assess level.
  • In addition, Allianz Reinsurance Germany attained EDGE Move Certification.

The certifications cover 72 individual entities: across 30 countries of operation of the Allianz Group. This notable endeavour underscores the Allianz Group’s steadfast dedication to workplace gender equity, leveraging the EDGE Certification process to infuse rigour, discipline, and global consistency into its approach across diverse business sectors and geographical regions.

With its first EDGE Certification in 2021, 60% of the certified Allianz entities achieved the EDGE Assess level. EDGE Assess is the first level of certification where the organization recognizes its commitment to workplace gender equity. This time, almost 65% of the certified Allianz entities achieved the second level of EDGE Certification, EDGE Move, which showcases progress in workplace gender equity. At the EDGE Move level, the organization has reached the EDGE Global Standards in some of the assessed areas.

Aniela Unguresan, Founder and Member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board, highlights the importance of the Allianz Group’s global recertification: “Allianz has made significant strides toward fostering a gender-equitable workplace since the last assessment, with many entities now qualifying for the second level of certification, EDGE Move. One entity,One Allianz Ayudhya Thailand” attained EDGE Lead, an outstanding achievement. This accomplishment reflects Allianz’s dedication to gender equity, affirming its ongoing efforts to narrow gender disparities and foster an inclusive workplace.”

Allianz’s global EDGE Certifications at the Assess and Move levels testify to the commitment of the group to put a diverse workforce, an equitable work environment and an inclusive culture at the heart of its business success. We congratulate the Allianz Group on this achievement and look forward to continued progress in fostering an equitable work environment.