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EDGE Certified is committed to being the world’s leading global certification system for workplace gender equality, uniquely applicable across industries and geographical regions.

EDGE Certified Standard was developed and tested through 2009 and 2010 with the input
of experts in gender equality from leading academic institutions and top multinational companies which partnered in a pilot program covering 7 industries, 5 countries and 60,000 employees. EDGE Certified Standard ensure that companies certified at the EDGE Standard have a structured and systematic approach to measure, track and close the corporate
gender gap.

EDGE Certified Standard is supported by EDGE Certification Requirements. When certifiers are carrying out assessments against EDGE Certified Standard, the requirements establish how to assess organisations against the EDGE Certified Standard.

To ensure that the EDGE Certified Certification remains fit for purpose as the world’s leading certification program in corporate gender equality the EDGE Certified Standard will be reviewed regularly.

EDGE Certified intends to conduct a formal review of the EDGE Standard every three years. The intention is to create a Standards Committee and to follow the practices and procedures set out in the ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice for Standard Setting. This articulates the protocols for stakeholder engagement and processes to implement when conducting standards reviews.


To maintain impartiality, the EDGE Certification operates a ‘third-party’ certification scheme. This means that EDGE Certified itself does not issue EDGE Certification. Certification is issued by third party auditor independently accredited to be able to perform assessments of organisations against the EDGE Certified Standard.


Third-party programs offer the highest level of assurance and means that the outcome is unbiased


An organisation, product or service meets standards it has set for itself.


It meets standards established by peers, for example by an industry association.


An independent assessment shows that the organisation, product or service meets standards that have been established by impartial experts, often in consultation with stakeholders. A certificate is issued to prove that the standard has been met.

* Source: www.msc.org

So Why EDGE?

With the EDGE Certification, we have the opportunity to verify whether our ambition to treat men and women equally at IKEA is a living reality. By reaching the highest level of certification, we are tightening IKEA’s company structure and culture to prevent pay gaps, under-representation of women in management positions and different career paths for women.
Simona Scarpaleggia, Chief Executive Officer, IKEA, Switzerland