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Die EDGE Zertifizierung

24 February 2017: Equal Pay Day in Switzerland – Certified EDGE ist ein weltweit führendes globales Zertifizierungssystem für die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter am Arbeitsplatz, eindeutig über Branchen und Regionen anwendbar. EDGE ist eine Stiftung mit Stiftungsrätinnen und -räten u.a. aus der Schweiz. EDGE (“Economic Dividends for Gender Equality”) ist eine Zertifikation für internationale Unternehmen von > 500 Mitarbeitern.

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EDGE Certification: Make Your Workplace Bias-Free

06 February 2017: Quality Digest – Equality in the workplace is achievable, and it is a goal that must be brought forward from the back burner. Together, Intertek and EDGE strive to close the gender gap in the workplace by conducting rigorous audits that hold organizations accountable for creating and abiding by fair and equal gender policies. An EDGE Certification is effective evidence to show an organization’s stakeholders that they are in compliance with policies that support gender equality in the workplace.

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Interview with Carlos Mota

Latin America has a lot of female talent

19 January 2017: El Financiero (Mexico) – During the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos, Switzerland, Nicole Schwab (Co-Founder and President, EDGE Certified Foundation) highlighted the latest from EDGE, as well as the status of gender equality in Latin America. 

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Haya Magazine - Aniela Unguresan

Opportunities of EDGE Certification for organizations in the Middle East

12 January 2017: Haya Magazine – A light hearted interview with Aniela Unguresan, Co-Founder EDGE Certified Foundation, about the reasons behind launching EDGE.

The nature of the foundation’s work in promoting gender equality, which in turn results in improving business growth and strengthens local and international economies. In the interview Aniela discusses some of the channels that EDGE uses to liaise with regional institutions to promote gender equality, and the effect EDGE’s work has had thus far in that regard. Aniela also talks about the positive effect newly adopted laws have had on strengthening the role of women in the work environment in the Arab world, and finally she concludes by giving some advice to succeed professionally.

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Nicole Schwab: Insights on the status of gender equality in the workplace

18 December 2016: RTS Television (Switzerland) – Nicole Schwab, Co-Founder and President, EDGE Certified Foundation, provides insights into the status of gender equality in the workplace.

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Harvard Business School

Simple Ways to Take Gender Bias Out of Your Job Ads

14 December 2016: Harvard Business School – Here’s a hint for employers wondering why mostly men (or mostly women) are applying for your company’s open positions. Look at the language in your job listings. Chances are, the wording is more biased toward one gender than you realize.

During the past semester, Bohnet taught a graduate-level course called “Behavioral Economics for Organizations,” jointly listed at HBS and the Harvard Kennedy School. Like her book, the course uses social science research and tools, in this case to promote overall organizational health. In one of the lessons, students were tasked with using behavioral design to de-bias talent management; in another, to promote ethics and compliance in organizations.

Guest speakers in her class included Aniela Unguresan, co-founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation, which developed an assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality, and Anka Wittenberg, chief diversity officer of technology giant SAP. In addition to becoming one of the first companies to receive EDGE certification, SAP recently announced plans to add de-biasing capabilities to its Success Factors line of human resources software, including the ability to flag job descriptions for potentially biased language.

Iris Bohnet, is a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, co-chair of Harvard’s Behavioral Insights Group, and director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School.

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The RippleEDGE Effect Community workshop

29-30 November 2016: The EDGE RippleEDGE Effect Community workshop was a unique opportunity for EDGE global community members to exchange innovative approaches to close the gender gap. This event took place over the course of two days in Zurich, Switzerland. We worked in groups, as well as plenary sessions, to discuss the impacts of the EDGE Certification journey across three levels – Individual, Organizational and Societal.

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La equidad de género lleva al desarrollo

23 November 2016: Portafolio (Colombia) – Aniela Unguresan, cofundadora de EDGE, organización encargada de certificar la igualdad de género en las empresas a nivel mundial como una manera de incrementar el desarrollo económico, describe que Colombia y América Latina han hecho importantes adelantos en este aspecto.

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One for the girls: Multinational tech firm SAP earns nod for global gender equality

21 October 2016: The Entrepreneur – The tech sector, criticized for underemployment and unequal treatment of women, gets a lift from SAP SE’s win.

“Gender equality is not a corporate social responsibility initiative or simply a cultural benefit. It’s a strategic differentiator, a source of innovation and revenue driver for our company.” These are the words of a chief human resources officer of a multinational technology company, Stefan Ries of SAP, in light of the company’s recent earning of a global gender equality certification, making it the first company to achieve said certification in a sector that has time and again been criticized for its unequal treatment of women.

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Nicole Schwab: une femme conquérante

09 October 2016: RTS Radio (Switzerland) – Interview with Nicole Schwab, Co-Founder and President, EDGE Certified Foundation.

Pour ce nouveau rendez-vous dominical, l’équipe des “beaux parleurs” de ce dimanche est exclusivement masculine: Sebastian Dieguez, Slobodan Despot et Nicolas Tavaglione commentent avec esprit et impertinence quelques hauts faits de l’actualité de la semaine écoulée, sous la direction de Michel Zendali. C’est Nathanaël Rochat qui vient ajouter la touche de sourire indispensable à l’exercice. En seconde partie d’émission, l’équipe recevra Nicole Schwab, co-fondatrice de la Fondation EDGE Certified.

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So Why EDGE?

EDGE is a workforce analytics approach which reports on key gender equality strategies and priorities. It serves as an interpretive lens to transform quantitative and qualitative measures into impactful action plans.
Aniela Unguresan, the co-founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation