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EDGE Co-Founder member of the Expert Committee for 2017 Equileap Gender Equality Scorecard

11 April 2017 – The 2017 Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking sits at the heart of Equileap’s strategy to accelerate gender equality in the workplace. It is part of a comprehensive tool-kit
designed to make the gender performance of public companies transparent and comparable, and to enable corporations to understand how they can improve performance.

The 2017 Equileap Gender Equality Scorecard was peer-reviewed by an Expert Committee, including Aniela Unguresan, Co-Founder, EDGE Certified Foundation.

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2017 - Professional Womens Conf - Hillary Clinton (Business Insider)

Hillary Clinton on EDGE Certification at Professional Business Women Conference

28 March 2017: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a keynote address during the Professional Business Women of California Conference. During her speech she stated, “And we’re seeing exciting initiatives across industries like the EDGE Certification program, which was designed to help companies measure and hold themselves accountable for creating a more equal workplace. Google it, EDGE, and see what you can do to advocate for it within your own company.”

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17.03.2017 Facebook Live - IDB President

Did you know that the glass ceiling is breaking in Latin America and the Caribbean?

17 March 2017: IDB Facebook Live – The Inter-American Development Bank’s President, Luis Alberto Moreno, Andrew Morrison and Maria Theresa Villanueva (both experts in gender and diversity) discussed women in leadership positions and how they benefit society as a whole.

The IDB is EDGE Certified. EDGE is mentioned in this clip at 15:49.

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Region advances towards gender equality driven by participation in public sector: IDB

08 March 2017: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) blog – Leadership in the private sector and entrepreneurship, equal pay, and violence remain principle challenges.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), countries in the region have achieved significant gains in gender equality in recent years. In less than a generation, the share of legislative and parliamentary seats held by women in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), has risen to 25%, a figure that is surpassed only by Nordic countries.

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EDGE Video - International Womens Day 2017

Where we stand on workplace gender equality on the International Women’s Day

08 March 2017: EDGE Video – At the current pace, 170 is the number of years it would take for gender equality to be achieved. According to the World Economic Forum, equality slips to 2186.

But with a lot of rigor, passion and perseverance gender equality can be achieved in our lifetimes. Here is why and how.

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08.03.2017 Int. Womens Day - Zurich Insurance

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace at Zurich

08 March 2017: Zurich website – International Woman’s Day is an opportunity to highlight the need of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. At Zurich, a number of global initiatives have been implemented to promote diversity and inclusion. But more needs to be done to promote it in the workplace.

Zurich is EDGE Certified in 13 entities globally.

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07.03.2017 New York Times op-ed_President Moreno

Cómo romper el techo de cristal en las empresas

07 March 2017: The New York Times – column from Luis Alberto Moreno (President, Inter-American Development Bank) on how the IDB is closing the gender gap – mentioning the organizations recent EDGE Certification, as well as providing regional insight on gender equality in Latin America.

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Equality between man and woman concept with beam scales and sign

Bias against women in tech still exists, but there are ways to fix it

08 March 2017: TechRepublic – On International Women’s Day, women who work in tech remain underrepresented and underpaid. Here’s how the EDGE Certification can help enterprises work toward diversity and egalitarianism.

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Die EDGE Zertifizierung

24 February 2017: Equal Pay Day in Switzerland – Certified EDGE ist ein weltweit führendes globales Zertifizierungssystem für die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter am Arbeitsplatz, eindeutig über Branchen und Regionen anwendbar. EDGE ist eine Stiftung mit Stiftungsrätinnen und -räten u.a. aus der Schweiz. EDGE (“Economic Dividends for Gender Equality”) ist eine Zertifikation für internationale Unternehmen von > 500 Mitarbeitern.

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EDGE Certification: Make Your Workplace Bias-Free

06 February 2017: Quality Digest – Equality in the workplace is achievable, and it is a goal that must be brought forward from the back burner. Together, Intertek and EDGE strive to close the gender gap in the workplace by conducting rigorous audits that hold organizations accountable for creating and abiding by fair and equal gender policies. An EDGE Certification is effective evidence to show an organization’s stakeholders that they are in compliance with policies that support gender equality in the workplace.

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