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Here we’ll be sharing views and opinions about gender equality in the workplace. We plan to report about events and conferences. We’ll comment on the news. We’ll also be inviting thought leaders to join us and share their perspective.


Everything has changed – but gender equality remains as important as ever

November 2016: Iris Bohnet & Aniela Unguresan – Around the world people are still trying to work out what the result of the US election will mean for them, their family and their country. From a gender equality perspective, many had hoped to hear the sound of the most enduring of glass ceilings being shattered. It wasn’t to be. But that should not distract responsive leaders, in so many countries, who are adapting their public policies and their businesses to make them fairer and more profitable.

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Concrete Steps Towards Gender Parity

Elsevier earns EDGE Assess certification for gender equality: Equal opportunity for women and men is a fundamental principle of human dignity. In the workplace, promoting gender equality and diversity is simply the right thing to do, but we also know that it is critical to boosting creativity, innovation and making the use of rich talent.

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Why steel companies are hiring more women

Guest Blog: Sanola Daley is an Investment Management Officer for Non-Financial Products and Services at the Inter-American Investment Corporation. If the entire private sector of Latin America and the Caribbean was one giant company, six out of ten of its employees would be men. And while you could find a somewhat larger number of women in […]

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The EDGE perspective: Why Gender Equality needs to become a behaviour in 2016

2015 was a year of momentum and profound realization, as both governments and the private sector voiced a general consensus that the case for corporate gender equality is no longer about the why, but about the how.

EDGE’s work impacts right where ‘work’ happens, deep from within, at company level. And as we work with corporations and organizations all over the world, assessing their gender equality status quo and the desirable changes needed to achieve optimal workplaces for men and women, we see first hand how these companies themselves benefit, once these precise interventions are affected.

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Christina Tzotzi. Flow Assurance R&D Engineer, working in the Advanced Subsea Architectures section at the Technip Innovation & Technology Center.

Christina Tzotzi, R&D engineer at Technip, tells us what it is to work for an EDGE certified company

Christina Tzotzi, R&D engineer at Technip, tells us what it is to work for an EDGE certified company! “I am very pleased to know that Technip is making this commitment, proving that my experience it is not personal and team/manager dependent and that it represents the vision and culture of the Group. In any case, I think that it is important to show externally, but also internally, that the commitment is supported by tangible facts, measurements and action plans.”

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Megan Beyer. Photo Credit: Valérie Chételat

Time for Gender Equality in our Economies

EDGE Certification is a disruptive innovation- an alternative approach to bring about needed change. It approaches gender equality as an economic imperative–because there’s plenty of evidence that it is.

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At TED Women 2015 the annual theme is Momentum – exploring bold ideas that will create ‘movement’ in how we think, live and work. The topic of gender equality will permeate many of these ideas and talks. In 2009 EDGE started its own work with an idea and aim to advance gender equality in the workplace, through creating an ultimate level playing field, which supports and advances the careers of women and men alike.

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maria at the institute for financial research


I spent some time in the financial industry both, in Europe and in the US. Managing a career through an inherently male-dominated industry made for tougher muscles and thicker skin. During my tenure in private and corporate banking, an industry bruised by the 80’s bullish banking, some of the main drivers were risk mitigation through diversification and a constant hunt for returns and new avenues for getting there. In the following decade, instruments that were initially praised for their safety — blew up, bringing the entire industry down with it. Its remnant is an industry in dire need for reinvention.

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World Bank President announcing EDGE!

World Bank Group and German giant SAP commit to obtaining EDGE Certification

The World Bank Group and SAP announced during last week’s UN Global Compact’s Women Empowerment Principles Annual Event in New York that they commit to achieving EDGE Certification. SAP will start the process with its US-based operations and will be the first technology company with a presence in Silicon Valley to pursue EDGE Certification.

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Brian levine

Communicating Commitment and Progress – Gender Equality Reporting

My colleagues at Mercer and I are excited to be joining our friends from EDGE at the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Annual Event this week, and honoured to be facilitating a session with companies that are truly moving the needle on gender equity – Avon, Carrefour, L’Oreal, and Nestle.

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So Why EDGE?

The EDGE certification process promises to intensify and inspire much more corporate commitment and progress on behalf of diversity and inclusion strategies. Most of these strategies could clearly benefit from a rigorous, third-party analysis that integrates a whole host of programmatic and policy variables into a coherent road map for real business impact.
Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, President & CEO, The Paradigm Forum