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Levels of Certification


Organisations can become EDGE certified for their commitment to workplace gender equality and progress through three stages of certification – Assess, Move and Lead – in their journey to achieve excellence in workplace gender equality.

Certified organization can use the corresponding EDGE Certified seal. The EDGE Certified seal gives a visible, credible, recognition for a company’s commitment to workplace gender equality at one of the three levels of certification:

Edge_Seal_Assess_1farbig_Rot_RGB_72dpi_e     move     lead

The company makes a public commitment to gender equality and identifies the parameters of a concrete action plan to further its progress.

The company has already implemented a framework for change and achieved significant milestones. It commits to sharpening its action plan and taking measures for greater impact.
The company is living proof that gender equality in the workplace has its rewards. With effective practices and an inclusive culture, the company puts gender equality to work for business results.


The certification is granted for two years.

EDGE Certified seals are a trademark owned by EDGE Certified — all use of the EDGE Certified seal must comply with the use requirements established by EDGE Certified.

So Why EDGE?

We are very proud to be the first company in Mexico certified on Workplace Gender Equality. This certification reflects Compartamos Banco’s commitment with gender equality and social inclusion. At the same time, this will provide us with a competitive edge in terms of talent management, making it easier for us to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best female and male talents in order to serve our more than 2.5 million clients, being 94% of them women dedicated to provide a better life quality for their families. This certification is a good sign that we’re on the right track with our believes in our companies in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.
Carlos Labarthe, CEO of Gentera, the holding company owner of Compartamos Banco