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Vision & Mission


A world of equal opportunities, a world where men and women are equally valued and respected in all aspects of economic, political and social life.


Our mission is to use the EDGE global certification system and label to engage corporations across the world in fostering equal career opportunities for women and men in the workplace.

We are committed to being the world’s leading global certification for workplace gender equality.

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So Why EDGE?

The EDGE certification system provides a milestone in our work on creating corporate gender equality and efficiency. Gender equality is the right and the smart thing to do. Often, gender gaps, for example, in hiring or promotion, are the result of unintentional biases that lead employers to base their decisions on stereotypes rather than individual performance, thus hurting productivity and creating inequity. EDGE enables companies to identify and weed out such mistakes.
Professor Iris Bohnet, academic dean of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and director of its Women and Public Policy Program, member of the Academic and Scientific Advisory Council of EDGE Certified Foundation